Can I get student finance if I study outside the Netherlands?

If you are going to study or do an internship outside the Netherlands, your eligibility for student finance from DUO depends on your situation and whether you meet the conditions. 

General conditions for student finance

To receive student finance, a number of general conditions apply: 

  • You are between 18 and 30 years old. There are 2 exceptions to this:
    • There is no minimum age if you are doing a higher education (HBO or university) course.
    • If you are doing a vocational education (MBO) course and are not yet 18, you can only apply for a public transport allowance.
  • You are doing or are going to do school-based vocational training (MBO BOL) or a course in higher education (HBO or university). You cannot get student finance if you are doing block or day release apprenticeship training (MBO BBL).
  • Your course takes at least 1 year.
  • You are enrolled as a full-time student, or in a course combining study and work experience. You cannot get student finance if you are studying part-time.
  • You have Dutch nationality or a type II, III, IV or V residence permit. If you have a type I residence permit or you, your partner or your parents come from another EU/EEA member state, Switzerland or the United Kingdom, go to the DUO website to see whether you are eligible for student finance.

If you do not meet these conditions, see whether you are eligible for another DUO scheme.

Extra conditions for courses outside the Netherlands

Besides the general conditions, extra conditions apply if you are planning to study or do an internship outside the Netherlands. See whether you are eligible for student finance in your situation.

Attention: Do you already receive student finance? And are you planning to start a new course outside the Netherlands once you have completed your current studies? Or are you going to resume your studies after a gap year? Whether you can get student finance depends on the course you have done and the course you plan to do. Log in to Mijn DUO to see whether you will still be eligible for student finance (information mainly in Dutch). 

What are you going to do outside the Netherlands?

What you also need to arrange if you’re going abroad to study or do an internship

Check what else you need to arrange if you are going to:


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.