What do I need to arrange if I want to marry in Brazil?

If you are a Dutch national planning to marry in Brazil, you will need to provide certain documents. And you may need to meet extra requirements.

Can I get married in Brazil?

Ask the organisation that you want to perform the marriage in Brazil if you are allowed to marry there as a Dutch national. In Brazil, legally valid marriages are performed at a notary public’s office (cartório). The notary public can provide information about the documents you require.

Same-sex couples can get married in Brazil.

You cannot get married at the Dutch embassy.

Requirements for getting married for Dutch nationals

If you are a Dutch national and you want to marry, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You and your partner must be 18 or older. If you are under 18 and you marry abroad, the Dutch authorities will not recognise your marriage until you and your partner are both 18.
  • You and your partner must not already be married to or have a registered partnership with someone else.
  • If you are under guardianship, you will need the permission of your guardian or of the limited jurisdiction judge (‘kantonrechter’).
  • The following family members are not allowed to marry each other or enter into a registered partnership with each other: parents and children, grandparents and grandchildren, and brothers and sisters.

What documents do I need to marry in Brazil?

To get married in Brazil you will need the following documents:

Attention: The notary public’s office may require you to present additional documents.

Is my marriage valid in the Netherlands?

Marriages performed in Brazil are recognised in the Netherlands. But you must have your marriage certificate legalised.

Do I have to register my marriage in the Netherlands?

You may need to register your marriage in the Netherlands. This depends on where you live.

If you live in the Netherlands, you must register your marriage with your municipality. You will need your marriage certificate to do this. First have your marriage certificate translated and legalised.

More information about having documents from Brazil legalised

If you live outside the Netherlands, you can have your marriage certificate converted into a Dutch certificate by the municipality of The Hague. This is not mandatory, but it can be useful if you ever need an extract in the future.

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Extra information

You can choose to add your spouse’s surname to your own surname.