Voting from abroad by post

If you are registered as a Dutch voter abroad, you will receive your voting documents by post and/or email. To vote, you must return these documents by post to the postal vote polling station in The Hague or to the Dutch embassy in your country. 

Your voting documents

  • 12 weeks before the elections
    Around 12 weeks before the elections the Municipality of The Hague will send you your postal vote certificate, a ballot paper envelope and a return envelope. Keep these documents safe and do not send them back at this time.
  • 4 weeks before the elections
    Around 4 weeks before the elections the municipality will send you a ballot paper, and a candidate list. When registering you can indicate whether you wish to receive these by email or post. You will also receive detailed instructions about how to send back your vote, which you must do by post.

Voting by post: a step-by-step guide

  1. Did you receive the ballot paper by email? Then print out the ballot paper. Preferably do this in black and white. Use white, unprinted paper and print out the ballot paper single-sided.

  2. Take the ballot paper and choose a party and a candidate. Coloring is allowed in red, black, blue or green. If you use any other color, your ballot paper will be invalid.

  3. Place the completed ballot paper in the white ballot paper envelope. You may also use your own envelope. Then seal the envelope.

  4. Date and sign your postal vote certificate. Your signature must be the same as the signature on your ID.

  5. Make a photocopy of your valid Dutch identity document. You may hide your BSN, passport number and passport photo on the copy and mark it with "copy". Make sure that your last name, date of birth and validity date are legible.
    A Dutch identity document is:
    • a Dutch passport
    • a Dutch ID card
    • an identity card from Bonaire, Sint Eustatius or Saba
    • an identity card from Aruba, Curaçao or Sint Maarten on which the Dutch nationality is stated.
  6. Take the orange return envelope. You may also use your own envelope. In that case, write the address on it and clearly state 'Tweede Kamerverkiezing'. Place the following documents in the return envelope:
    • the white closed ballot paper envelope containing the completed ballot paper

    • the signed postal vote certificate

    • the copy of your Dutch identity document.

  7. Close the return envelope. When you send it, make sure you affix sufficient postage stamps to the envelope. An envelope without postage stamps will not be processed.
  8. You must return these documents to the postal vote polling station in The Hague using the address printed on the return envelope. Alternatively, you can post or hand deliver the documents to the Dutch embassy in your country. You can't post or hand deliver the documents to the Dutch consulate-general in your country.

Your vote for the upcoming parliamentary elections must be received by the postal vote polling station in The Hague by 15.00 Dutch time on 17 March 2021. If you vote via an embassy, your voting documents must be received by the embassy by 5 March 2021.

Expired passport or ID-card

Has your passport or ID card expired? And is this by less than 1 year? Then you can still vote. This is possible with a Dutch nationality certificate. You can apply for the certificate online and you will receive it by email.

Make a copy of the certificate and your expired passport or ID card. Send this along with the ballot paper envelope and the postal vote certificate.

It takes an average of 3 weeks to process your application. Please state with the application that you need the certificate to vote. Then it will be treated with priority.

Other ways to vote

You can no longer apply for authorisation to vote by proxy of a voter's pass for the parliamentary elections on 17 March 2021.

Not yet registered to vote?

In order to vote while abroad you must register as a Dutch voter abroad.

Read more about registering as a Dutch voter abroad.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.