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My family member who received reciprocal healthcare coverage via the CAK has died. Whom should I notify?

If your family member who had health insurance via the CAK has died, notify the CAK and send a photocopy of the death certificate by post.

Reporting a death to the CAK

You can report a death using the contact form on the CAK website or by phoning +31 88 711 5551. Be sure to mention your given name and surname, phone number and email address.

Sending a death certificate by post

To process a death the CAK needs a photocopy of the death certificate. You must send this by post. From outside the Netherlands, you can do so using the CAK’s address label. From inside the Netherlands, send a photocopy of the certificate to:

Antwoordnummer 91041
2509 VC Den Haag

No postage required.

Death has already been reported to another government organisation

If you have already reported the death to another government organisation with access to the Non-residents Records Database (RNI), the CAK will automatically receive notification of this. You do not have to report the death to the CAK.

After reporting a death

After you have reported a death, the CAK will send you a final statement showing the amount still owed or to be received by the next of kin.

You were insured on the deceased person’s plan

If you were insured on the deceased person’s health insurance plan as a family member, you will be required in most cases to arrange other health insurance.

How can I arrange health insurance abroad?

If you receive surviving dependants’ benefits (ANW) from the Social Insurance Bank (SVB), you may be able to keep your insurance via the CAK. Contact the CAK to reregister for health insurance.

What you also need to arrange in the event of a death


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