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Declaration of Marital Status in the United Kingdom

Do you need a certificate of marital status in the United Kingdom? If the local authorities will not issue such a document, the Dutch embassy in London can do it instead.

Are you getting married in the Netherlands? Your address details will also be stated on the declaration of marital status. You therefore do not need to apply for a separate certificate of residence.

Declaration of marital status

If you wish to marry abroad, you may need a declaration of marital status. To obtain one, you must produce several documents to prove that you are not married or in a registered partnership.

What documents do you need when applying?

If you have never been married

  • proof that you have Dutch nationality, this may be any one of the following documents:
    • a Dutch passport
    • a Dutch national identity card
    • a certificate of Dutch nationality
  • an address and proof of registration of place of residence
  • a declaration of unmarried status. If you are no longer registered in the Personal Records Database (BPR) in the Netherlands, request this as an extract from the Non-residents Records Database (RNI). You will then have proof of your marital status at the time you left the Netherlands.

If you have previously been married

  • proof that you have Dutch nationality, this may be any one of the following documents:
    • a Dutch passport
    • a Dutch national identity card
    • a certificate of Dutch nationality
  • an address and proof of registration of place of residence
  • divorce certificates, foreign judgments or a death certificate

You may need to have the original legalised and translated. The rules vary per country. 

The term ongehuwd (unmarried)

The term ongehuwd (unmarried) is used only if you have never married or entered into a registered partnership. If you have been married previously or been in a registered partnership, the term gescheiden (which means you have divorced or terminated a registered partnership) or weduwe/weduwnaar (widow/widower) will be used in the declaration. Details of any and all previous marriages or registered partnerships must appear on the document.

Declaration of marital status in this country or region

Applying in the UK

You will have to submit a certificate of no impediment ('verklaring omtrent de burgerlijke staat') if you wish to get married in the Netherlands. Various other countries have a similar requirement.

How to apply

This declaration is only available via postal application. You cannot apply online.

Dutch nationals living in the UK who are planning to get married can submit an application by post to the consular section of this Embassy. Details of the upcoming marriage should be included with the application. For the application form and more information about the application procedure and required documents, please see the link below.

On average, it takes 2-4 weeks to prepare a certificate and send it to you. If you have sent original documents, they will be returned to you.

Please note: Certain countries require a'certificate of legal capacity to marry'. This is a different certificate and cannot be issued by the Dutch Embassy in London. On the basis of article 1:49a of the Dutch Civil Code this certificate has to be issued:

  • by the registrar ('ambtenaar van de burgerlijke stand') of the local council ('gemeente') in the Netherlands if he/she is living in the Netherlands;
  • by the registrar of the local council of the last town where he/she lived in the Netherlands prior to moving abroad;
  • if the Dutch national has never lived in the Netherlands, by the Dutch Embassy in the country where the marriage will be solemnized.

Therefore, please check which document (a certificate of no impediment or a certificate of legal capacity to marry) is required with the authorities of the country where you are getting married. 

British nationalsshould contact their local register office. People ofother nationalitiesshould contact their Embassy or High Commission.

Payment instructions for postal applications only

A postal application can only be processed once the appropriate fee has been paid and all the required documents have been received. When applying by post, please include a cheque or postal order payable to ‘Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands’. The applicable fee can be found on the page 'Consular fees'.

If you are paying by bank the payment has to be made in euros. Please bear in mind that it may take some time for the embassy to receive confirmation that payment has been made. Therefore you are requested to add a copy of your bank statement proving you paid for the application in order for the embassy to process your application as soon as possible.

Bank details are:

  • Payable to: BUZA Consulaire Bemiddelingen
  • Account number: NL57 INGB 0705 0010 08
  • Place: The Hague, The Netherlands
  • Please start the description of the payment with ‘LON <initials and surname> ' so your payment can be identified as a payment for the embassy in London.