Certificate of legal capacity to marry in the Philippines

Are you a Dutch national planning to marry in the Philippines? The Netherlands embassy in Manila can draw up this document for you.

Due to the corona virus, you cannot apply for this certificate at most embassies or consulates-general until further notice. Please check the contact page of the embassy or consulate-general to see if and from when it is possible to apply. Don't see a start date on the contact page? Then it is not yet possible to apply.

Are you a Dutch citizen and do you live in the Netherlands or have you lived in the Netherlands? In that case, you must apply for a certificate of legal capacity to marry (verklaring van huwelijksbevoegdheid) from the municipality where you live or where you last lived. Were you a minor when you left the Netherlands? Then you must also apply at the municipality where you last lived. The certificate is valid for 6 months from the date of issue.

What documents do you need?

To apply for a certificate of legal capacity to marry, you need copies of the following documents:

  • a valid Dutch identity document
  • an extract from the register of births
  • a civil status extract showing that you are not married. The extract may not be more than 12 months old
  • a divorce certificate if you have previously been married

You may need to have the original documents legalised and translated. The rules vary per country.

What documents does your non-Dutch partner need?

When you apply for a certificate of legal capacity to marry, your non-Dutch partner needs copies of the following documents:

  • a passport or another identity document

  • an official document stating his or her address (this document varies from country to country)
  • a declaration of unmarried status.

You may need to have the original documents legalised and translated. The rules vary per country.

Certificate of legal capacity to marry in this country or region

In the Philippines, a few additional requirements apply for a certificate of legal capacity to marry:

  • Was your non-Dutch partner married before? Then he/she must hand in a copy of the divorce certificate
  • Your partner needs to submit a recent (maximum 6 month old) Certificate of No Marriage Record (CENOMAR). You can get this at the Philippines Statistics Authority.
  • In addition your partner needs to submit a birth certificate no older than 1 year.

Instead of these two documents you can also submit a 'huwelijksbevoegdheidverklaring'. This statement must be provided by a Dutch municipality.

Have you been living outside the Netherlands for more than six months? Then you must also submit a legalized declaration of unmarried status of the country or countries where you live and/or have lived.

The Netherlands embassy can only accept your documents and their copies if they are legible.
Are your documents not legible? Then you must request a form 1A from the foreign municipality where you live. You must have this form and your document(s) legalized by the Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs. The Netherlands embassy can then accept your document(s).

How long does it take?

If your documents meet the requirements, the certificate of legal capacity to marry can be issued the same day or the next day at the latest if you apply at the embassy. If you apply by post it takes up to ten working days.

Procedure for requesting a statement by post

You can send the required documents (original + copy + cash payment + addressed return envelope) by mail to:

Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Manila / Dutch Embassy in Manila

26th floor BDO Equitable Tower

8751 Paseo de Roxas, Makati City

Metro Manila

It takes about ten working days for the statement to be made and sent to your address. If you have sent original documents, they will be sent back. (Note! Requests that are not complete or without an original document will not be processed, the Dutch Embassy in Philippines cannot be held responsible for documents that do not arrive properly / damaged)

Once we have received original documents, plus the amount to be paid (see consular fees), we send the certificate by "LBC or 2GO courier service", the shipping costs will be  approximately PHP 400 / PHP 500 and must be paid upon receipt. (shipping costs depend on the destination). Please attach: telephone and e-mail details and, an self-addressed return envelope, where you wish to receive the certificate.

Procedure for requesting a statement at the embassy

You can also apply at the Embassy in Manila if you need the documents urgently. Documents will be processed the same day or latest the next day if the application is complete. Applications are not complete without the original documents.

How to make an appointment

You can make an appointment via  the online appointment system.


You can check the fees and the payment method at the overview of consular fees in the Philippines.

Any questions?

Do you have questions after reading the information on this page? Please send an e-mail via the contact form.