Can I bring my car when I move to the Netherlands?

If you move to the Netherlands, you can bring your car with you.  You will need to register the car in the Netherlands. Your car will be issued with Dutch registration plates and you will need to pay tax. If you are coming to study in the Netherlands or are being seconded, different rules apply.

How long can I drive a car with foreign registration plates in the Netherlands?

Be aware that you can only drive a car with foreign registration plates in the Netherlands for a short time. And sometimes, not at all. It depends on your situation.

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Importing a car into the Netherlands

After you arrive, register your car in the Netherlands’ vehicle registration database. This is known as importing your car. You should arrange this through the Netherlands Vehicle Authority (RDW). 

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Exceptions for students and seconded employees

You can bring your car to the Netherlands without having to register it (officially import it) in the following situations:

What you also need to arrange if you’re going to move to the Netherlands 

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