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How long can I drive a car with Dutch registration plates abroad?

If you live in the Netherlands, you can drive your Dutch-registered car abroad for between 3 and 6 months, depending on the country.

Duration depends on country

Because tax rules vary by country, so too does the length of time you can drive your Dutch-registered car abroad. At some point you will need to register the car in your new country of residence. And you will need to pay tax for the car in that country. Ask the local authorities what the rules are. You can find the relevant local authorities for each EU country on the website of the European Union.

Check your insurance coverage

Ask your insurer how long you will be insured abroad.

Students can drive their Dutch-registered cars for the duration of their course

If you're going to study in a European Union country, you can use your Dutch-registered vehicle in that country for the duration of your course. However, you must be enrolled on a recognised course. And you cannot work during your studies.

Registering a car with Dutch registration plates abroad

If you will be staying in a country beyond the period you can drive your Dutch-registered car, then you will need to export your car from the Netherlands and register it abroad. Ask the local authorities how to register your car.

See the step-by-step plan for exporting a car

Find out more about registering your car in an EU country (


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