Step-by-step plan for exporting a car when moving outside the Netherlands

If you want to register your Dutch-registered car abroad, you must first de-register it from the Netherlands’ vehicle registration database. This is known as exporting your car. You can arrange the export yourself or have a specialised company (exporter) do it for you.

Attention: If your car is abroad already, it may be possible to de-register it online. Find out how to de-register a car that is already outside the Netherlands.

Do it yourself or hire an exporter

Exporting a car requires time and effort. You can choose to hire a specialised company (exporter) to arrange the export for you. That will cost more money but will save you time. If you choose to arrange the export yourself, follow the steps below. 

If you wish to export a camper van, caravan, motorcycle or any vehicle other than a car, there are a few differences. But the process is more or less the same.

Step 1: Register your car for export

Register your car for export at an RDW inspection facility or a recognised exporter (information in Dutch). This is not free of charge. You will need to pay a fee when you arrive. You do not need to make an appointment. 

Step 2: Cancel your insurance policy 

As soon as your car has been de-registered, your insurance is no longer valid. You should therefore cancel your policy.

Remember, however, that you must take out temporary insurance if you intend to drive your car to your new country of residence (see step 3). 

Step 3: Prepare your car for the journey 

You still need to arrange a few more things before you can take your car abroad.

Step 4: Register your car in your new country of residence

You must register your car in your new country of residence once you arrive. How you do this, varies by country.

Step 5: Find out if you can get a partial BPM refund

If you paid car and motorcycle tax (BPM) when you bought your car or imported it into the Netherlands, you might be able to get a partial BPM refund. But only if you are moving to another EU country.

Check the conditions for getting a BPM refund (Tax Administration)

What you also need to arrange if you’re going to move abroad

Check what else you need to arrange if you are going to move abroad


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