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As a Dutch voter abroad, how do I notify the authorities of a change of address?

If you are registered as a Dutch voter abroad and you have moved house or are planning to do so, you need to notify the Municipality of The Hague.

Registering a change of address in the RNI

You will also need to register your new address in the Non-residents Records Database (RNI). This will ensure that other government bodies know how to contact you.

Attention: If you have already reported your change of address to the Dutch authorities, you do not need to notify the Municipality of The Hague of this. However, if the change was reported 4 to 12 weeks before the elections, it is advisable to also directly inform the Municipality of The Hague of your new address. Otherwise you may not receive your voting documents in time. 
Attention: The details associated with your registration as a Dutch voter abroad are not automatically transferred to the RNI.

Reporting changes to other organisations

If there is a change in your situation, you have to report this to one or more Dutch government organisations.

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