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How can my sponsor invite me to the Netherlands for a short stay?

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If you want to visit the Netherlands for a maximum of 90 days, you will have to show you have enough spending money. If you cannot meet this requirement, you can ask someone in the Netherlands to sponsor you.

Do I need sponsorship?

If you want to stay in the Netherlands for a maximum of 90 days and have less than €55 (per person per day) to spend, you will need sponsorship.

You will not need sponsorship if you have more than €55 to spend during your visit to the Netherlands. You will need to prove this, however, for example by producing your bank statements.

How can my sponsor invite me?

Ask your sponsor to fill in the sponsorship form and send it to you with the necessary documents. Your sponsor can read the step-by-step instructions on the sponsors' page. The link also takes you to the forms they will need, and explains what your sponsor must do. 

There are then two options:

If you do not require a visa to stay in the Netherlands

Take the sponsorship form (and the necessary documents) with you when you travel. Show the form and documents at the border control point.

If you do require a visa to enter the Netherlands

You can submit your visa application as soon as you have received the documents from your sponsor. Read how to do this on the visa application page.