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Can I get visa facilitation for the Netherlands?

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If you need a visa to travel to the Netherlands, in some situations, you may be eligible for free visa facilitation. Check whether your situation meets the conditions.

Check the conditions

There are 2 situations in which you can get visa facilitation. You must meet the conditions, however. Select your situation the see what conditions apply.

If you meet these conditions

If you meet these conditions, you can apply for free Schengen visa facilitation. You should state that you are a family member of a national of an EU or EEA member state or Switzerland. Or that you are the parent of a Dutch national aged under 18.

Go to the checklist to see which documents you need to submit with your application:

If you do not meet these conditions

If you do not meet these conditions, or if your situation is not on the list, you are not eligible for free Schengen visa facilitation. You must submit a regular Schengen visa application to travel to the Netherlands.

If you are unsure whether you need a visa

Follow the steps below to find out whether you need a visa. 

Step 1: Select your location

Step 2: Check whether you require a visa 

Only nationals of certain countries require a visa. See the countries whose nationals require visas. And select your situation.

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