How is my objection against the denial of my visa application dealt with?

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If your application for a visa for the Netherlands was denied and you lodged an objection with the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND), the IND will decide on your objection within 12 weeks.

Time limit for making a decision on your objection

The IND has 12 weeks to make a decision on your objection. At this time, making a decision on an objection may take longer.

The IND will inform you or the person who lodged the objection on your behalf of its decision. What you can do next depends on their decision.

Your objection is successful

If the IND agrees with your objection, your visa application will be approved. You can enter the Netherlands on that visa within six months from the day that you received the letter from the IND.

Follow the steps below to get your visa.

Your objection is rejected

If the IND rejects your objection you will not be granted a visa. If you want to contest the IND’s decision on your objection you can submit an application for judicial review. Find out how to do that on the IND website. You can also submit a new visa application.

Find out how to submit an application for judicial review

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If you have a question about lodging an objection or about the status of your objection, contact the IND.

If you have another type of question, contact NetherlandsWorldwide