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What items can I take abroad?

What items you can take abroad depends on where you're going. Check the rules with the customs authorities in the country you are travelling to. Find out what you need to be aware of.

When you enter another country, the customs rules there always apply. It doesn't matter whether you're travelling by car, boat or train or any other way. Customs rules can also vary within the EU. If you're travelling through several countries, make sure you know the rules in each one.


Never take drugs or weapons abroad.


Extra rules often apply to products like:

  • Animal-based or animal-derived products and foodstuffs like cheese, eggs, meat or fish
  • Flowers, plants, fruits and vegetables
  • Cigarettes and tobacco
  • Alcohol

Check with customs in the country in question what the rules are.

Only if accompanied by extra documentation

Returning to the Netherlands

If you are returning to the Netherlands, Dutch Customs rules apply. See what you can and cannot bring back to the Netherlands from abroad.