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What items can I bring into the Netherlands?

If you are travelling (back) to the Netherlands, please find out what you can and cannot bring with you. And see what items you'll need additional documentation for.

There are rules about bringing certain items into the Netherlands. Which rules apply depends on whether you are coming to the Netherlands from an EU country or a country outside the EU.

You can see the rules for each country in the travel app (Reisapp). Download the travel app (Reisapp) (information in Dutch).


You can never bring the following items into the Netherlands:

  • Narcotics and other illicit drugs, such as hash, cocaine and heroin
  • Weapons, fake weapons, pepper spray, ammunition and explosives
  • Endangered plant and animal species
  • Products made from endangered plant and animal species, such as crocodile leather shoes or ivory jewellery


If you wish to bring the following items to the Netherlands, extra rules apply. You may need a permit, import certificate or permission, for example. Or you may need to pay import duties.

Additional rules for hand luggage

If you are travelling by plane, there are additional rules for hand luggage. You cannot carry certain items in your hand luggage. Examples include liquids and sharp objects. Check the airport's website for more information.

If you are travelling from the Netherlands to another country

If you are travelling from the Netherlands to another country, Customs in your country of destination may also have rules about what you can bring in. Find out what you need to be aware of.