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Name change in the United Kingdom

The name of a Dutch national can only be changed on a passport or identity card if the name change is legal under Dutch law.

Deed poll

Name changes by deed poll will not be accepted by the authorities in the Netherlands. This means that in most cases the only way to change the name of a Dutch national is by applying for a name change to the appropriate authorities in the Netherlands.

Name change

First name

To change one's given name(s) an application has to be made to the court in the Netherlands. The applicant will need a Dutch solicitor to act on his/her behalf. For more information, see (only in Dutch).


To change one's surname, an official request has to be made to the Ministry of Justice Dienst Justis (only in Dutch). Please note that the rules only allow a surname to be changed in certain situations.

Name determination (naamsvaststelling)

If you were born in a country where no distinction is made between given name(s) and the surname it is possible to apply to the Dienst Justis to officially determine your given name(s) and surname ('naamsvaststelling). There is no charge for this type of application.

Further information and application formsĀ are available on the website of Dienst Justis (only in Dutch) .

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