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What is the MijnGegevens app?

The MijnGegevens app gives you quick, easy access to your personal information in MijnOverheid, whether you’re in the Netherlands or abroad.

What you can see with the app

The MijnGegevens app allows you to see your personal details, family details, diplomas and certificates, income, any maintenance you may receive from an ex-partner, land register details, the value of your immovable property, official publications concerning your neighbourhood, the vehicles registered under your name, and more.

There is also an option to add important dates, such as when your passport expires, directly to your calendar.

Using the MijnGegevens app

To use the MijnGegevens app you must have:

Downloading the MijnGegevens app

Installing the MijnGegevens app

You can install the MijnGegevens app on multiple devices. However, to use the MijnGegevens app on a device, you must also have the DigiD app on that device.

Opening the MijnGegevens app

To open the MijnGegevens app, you need to enter a PIN. The PIN for your MijnGegevens app is the same one you use for your DigiD app. This means you do not need to remember a username and password.

Incorrect information

If any of your information is incorrect, you can contact the organisation that manages that information. If any of your information is missing in the MijnGegevens app, it could be that the relevant organisation has not updated your information yet.

Message Box and ongoing matters

The MijnGegevens app does not give you access to your MijnOverheid Message Box (Berichtenbox) or ongoing matters (Lopende zaken). A separate Berichtenbox app is available for checking messages you have received from government bodies. To view what ongoing matters you have you must log in to MijnOverheid.


If you have any questions, you can contact the MijnOverheid helpdesk (information in Dutch). They will be happy to assist you.