What is benefit under the Work and Income (Capacity for Work) Act?

Benefit under the Work and Income (Capacity for Work) Act (WIA) provides you with income if you become unable to work (in part or in full) due to sickness or disability. You can claim this benefit if, after being ill for two years, you are still unable to go back to work. Even if you work outside the Netherlands, you may be entitled to WIA benefit.

WIA benefit is paid by the Employee Insurance Agency (UWV). 

Two types: IVA and WGA

There are two types of WIA benefit: benefit under the income support scheme for individuals registered as fully and permanently incapacitated (IVA) and work resumption benefit for persons partially capable of work (WGA).

IVA benefit is for people who are essentially unable to work and for whom there is little possibility of recovery.

WGA benefit is for people who temporarily are unable to work at all or who are earning 35% to 80% less of their usual salary due to illness.

Am I entitled to WIA benefit?

If you work outside the Netherlands and become unable to work due to sickness or disability, you may be entitled to WIA benefit. It depends on the country where you work, and on the reciprocal agreements the Netherlands has with that country.

Find out if you are entitled to WIA benefit outside the Netherlands.


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