What nationality does my child have?

The nationality your child acquires at birth depends on the nationality of you and your partner.

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Acquiring Dutch nationality after birth

If your child did not automatically acquire Dutch nationality at birth, they can in some cases still become a Dutch citizen. 

Dual nationality

Depending on your situation, your child may have two or more nationalities at birth.
If one of the parents is not a Dutch citizen, your child may also acquire that parent’s nationality at birth. This varies by country. Find out more about this from the authorities of the country in question.

In a few countries, including the United States, a child born there automatically acquires the nationality of that country, regardless of the nationality of you and your partner.

Applying for a Dutch passport for your child

If your child is a Dutch national, you can apply for a Dutch passport or identity document for them.

If your child automatically acquired Dutch nationality at birth, you do not have to apply for a passport or ID card for your child in order to secure Dutch nationality for them.


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