What is the naturalisation ceremony?

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The naturalisation ceremony is the final step in the naturalisation procedure. If your application is approved, you must then attend a naturalisation ceremony where you pledge your allegiance to the Netherlands. Only after that are you a Dutch citizen. 

If you live outside the Netherlands, the naturalisation ceremony will take place at the Dutch embassy or consulate-general.

Attendance is mandatory

You are required to attend the naturalisation ceremony within one year of the date on which your application is approved. If you do not attend the naturalisation ceremony within one year of the decision, you will not receive Dutch citizenship and must submit a new naturalisation application. 

Citizenship pledge

During the naturalisation ceremony you must recite the citizenship pledge. In doing so you promise to abide by the laws of the Dutch state. You must take the pledge in Dutch. 

Children aged 16 and 17 must attend 

If you also applied for the naturalisation of your child, aged 16 or 17, they must also attend the naturalisation ceremony and take the citizenship pledge. Children under 16 may also attend the ceremony, but doing so is not required. If they do not attend, the parent who submitted the application must take the pledge on the child’s behalf. 

After the ceremony

After the naturalisation ceremony you are a Dutch citizen. You can then apply for a Dutch passport or ID card.


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