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Applying for for a visa support letter in Thailand

When you apply for a residence permit in another country, in some cases a letter of support (visa support letter) is required. The Dutch embassy issues this letter that states your income and shows you have the Dutch nationality. 

How do I apply for the visa support letter in Thailand?

Send your application to:

Netherlands embassy
Attn. Consular department
15 Soi Ton Son
Lumphini, Pathumwan
Bangkok 10330

The embassy will reply within 10 working days of receipt of the application.

You must include:

  • a copy of a valid Dutch identity document (passport or ID card)
  • the completed application form
  • relevant supporting documents
  • a return envelope addressed to yourself on which you stick an amount of 70 Baht in stamps. The visa support letter will then be sent by registered EMS mail to the address you provided
  • the equivalent of 50 euros in Thai Baht* included in cash or proof of bank transfer

You can transfer the amount of 50 euros clearly stating your name + description BAN-CA to:

Bank nameING Bank N.V. in Amsterdam
Account holderMinistry of Foreign Affairs concerns FSO Posts

*The amount in Thai Baht may differ due to exchange rate changes. View the overview of the consular fees for the correct amount at the moment.

What are valid supporting documents?

The documents below include proof of your income:

  • pension (annual) overview
  • payslips and/or annual statement employer
  • proof of payment and/or annual statement from the benefits agency
  • annual statement of the tax authorities
  • bank statements from your Dutch checking account showing monthly payment of income (a transfer from a savings account to a checking account does not count as income)


  • Documents submitted must be current and original, except for printed online pension forms and online banking statements. After the embassy has checked everything, you will receive your original supporting documents back.
  • All amounts stated as income must be verifiable with the Dutch Tax Authorities. Income from abroad that is not known to the Dutch Tax Authorities can therefore not be reported.
  • Please note: Incomplete applications will not be processed.

Any questions?

Do you have any questions? Please send an email via the contact form.

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