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Applying for a certificate of residence in Bolivia

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Are you a Dutch national, do you live in Bolivia and do you need a declaration of residence (certificado domiciliario)? You can request a statement by e-mail from the Dutch Embassy in Lima. Then you can pick it up at the honorary consul in La Paz or Santa Cruz.

Attention: Please note: Are you registered in the Netherlands in the Basic Registration of Persons (BRP)? Then request the statement from the municipality where you are registered. You may need to have the statement translated and legalised.

Step 1: Gather the correct documents 

To apply for a certificate of residence you will need:     

  • A valid Dutch passport or a Dutch identity card (ID card);    
  • Proof of address, for example a registration from your municipality. Are these documents not available in your country? Then use a bank statement, gas bill or electricity bill from the past month with your name and address. You can also use a rental contract if it states your address.
  • Proof that you legally live in the country where you are requesting the certificate. For example, with your residence permit, work permit or study visa. 

Do you have all the necessary documents? Scan them neatly and go to step 2.

Step 2: Send an e-mail

Request the statement by email from the Dutch embassy in Lima:

Please include in your email:

  • The name of the statement (in the subject of your email);
  • Your first name and last name (in the subject of your email);
  • Your (mobile) telephone number; For which you need the statement.
  • The purpose of the statement is stated on the statement;
  • Where you want to pick up the statement: in La Paz or Santa Cruz.

Step 3: Pay for the statement

A consular declaration costs €30. You pay the costs during pick-up. 

Step 4: Receive the statement

You will be notified by the embassy in Lima when your statement is ready. Then collect the declaration from the honorary consul in La Paz or Santa Cruz. View opening hours and addresses:

honorary consul in La Paz
honorary consul in Santa Cruz