Closing days 2021 Netherlands embassy and consulate-general United Arab Emirates

The Netherlands embassy in Abu Dhabi and the consulate-general in Dubai will be closed on the following days:

Closing days 2021




Sunday 4 April Easter
Monday 5 April Easter Monday
Tuesday 11 May Eid Al Fitr*
Wednesday 12 May Eid Al Fitr*
Thursday  13 May Eid Al Fitr*
Sunday 23 May Whit Sunday
Monday 24 May Whit Monday
Tuesday 20 July Eid Al Adha* 
Wednesday 21 July Eid Al Adha*
Thursday 22 July Eid Al Adha*
Tuesday 19 October Prophet Mohammed's Birthday*
Wednesday 1 December Commemoration Day
Thursday 2 December UAE National Day
Sunday 26 December Boxing Day

* The dates of Islamic holidays might change as they depend on the position of the moon. The exact dates will be confirmed on the website a few days in advance.