Closing days 2019

The Netherlands Embassy in Addis Abeba will be closed on the following days:



Tuesday  1 January        

New Year

Monday 7 January

Ethiopian Christmas

Saturday 19 January

Ethiopian Epiphany

Saturday 2 March

Victory of Adwa

Monday 22 April

Easter Monday

Friday 26 April

Ethiopian Good Friday

Saturday 27 April

Kings Day

Sunday 28 April

Ethiopian Easter Sunday

Wednesday 1 May

International Labour Day

Sunday 5 May

Liberation Day / Eth. Victory Day and Ascension Day

Tuesday 28 May

Down fall of Dergue regime

Thursday 30 May


Wednesday 5 June

Eid al Fitr*

Monday 10 June

2nd Whit Monday

Monday 12 August

Eid Al Adha (Arefa)*

Thursday 12 September

Ethiopian New Year

Friday 13 September

Saturday 28 September

Embassy closed


Saturday 9 November

Birthday of the Prophet Mohammed (Maulid)*

Wednesday 25 December


Thursday 26 December

Boxing day

* Date not fixed