Will I receive an AOW pension if I live outside the Netherlands?

Whether or not you receive an AOW pension outside the Netherlands depends on which country you live in or move to. You can receive a full AOW pension in some countries but not in others.

You can see what arrangements have been made with the country where you live or are about to move to on the website of the Social Insurance Bank (SVB). If you want to know what you are entitled to, please contact the SVB. Do you live in Türkiye, Morocco, Suriname, Spain or South Africa? Please contact the SVB office at the embassy.

No AOW pension

If you live and work outside the Netherlands, you are usually no longer insured under the AOW pension scheme. Instead of the AOW pension, you may be able to build up a pension in the country where you live or work.

Remaining insured

If you live outside the Netherlands it may still be possible to remain insured under the AOW pension scheme. If, for instance, you work outside the Netherlands and have a Dutch posting certificate or if you are temporarily studying outside the Netherlands but do not work abroad, you will still be insured. If you are a Dutch national and work outside the Netherlands at a Dutch embassy or for another Dutch government organisation, you will also still be insured.

Voluntary insurance

If you left the Netherlands less than a year ago, you may be able to take out voluntary AOW insurance.

If you are moving abroad


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