is the website for all Dutch representations abroad. This includes embassies, consulates and trade offices. provides information for Dutch nationals who want to or already:

  • live, work or study abroad
  • travel abroad
  • do business abroad

What information is on

Travel provides information about travelling abroad. For example, about visas, foreign customs and what you can and can’t take with you.

Living and working provides information about living and working abroad. For example, how to apply for a passport, identity card or consular declaration abroad.

Doing business

Under doing business businesses can, for example, find out how to look for business partners abroad and find information about financing opportunities and promoting Dutch interests.

Help in an emergency provides information about what to do if you need help in an emergency abroad.

Information by country or region

For information about living, working, travelling, studying or doing business in a specific country or region, select the country or region of your choice.


The borders, names and icons on the maps displayed on this website in no way imply any formal acceptance or recognition by the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Can’t find information about your country or region?

The websites of Dutch representations worldwide are in Dutch, English or a local language. If your country or region is not shown, there may be information in one of the following languages on

Links to other government websites is not the only government website that provides information for Dutch nationals who want to go abroad. also helps you find relevant information on other government websites.

Examples include, which explains national laws and regulations, and, which features information for businesses that want to explore opportunities abroad. cannot guarantee that the content of these websites is correct or up to date.

What is the difference between and is for Dutch nationals who want to live, work, study, travel or do business abroad, or who already do so. is for foreign nationals who want to live, work, study, travel or do business in the Kingdom of the Netherlands.


Under Contact you can find contact details for:

  • the 24/7 BZ Contact Centre
  • Dutch embassies, consulates and trade offices
  • the authorities in the Caribbean parts of the Kingdom