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Working in Singapore

If you want to work in Singapore, check whether you will need a visa or work permit. You should also look at what will happen if you lose your job or are unable to work due to sickness or disability.

Do you need a visa or work permit?

If you are a Dutch national you don’t need a visa or work permit to work in another EU country. You will need both to work in a European country that is not a member of the EU, but this is usually easy to arrange. For countries outside Europe the application procedure can be long, complicated and expensive.

Applying for a visa or work permit

The embassy or consulate of your destination country can tell you about applying for a visa or work permit. See for the contact details of the nearest embassy or consulate (usually in The Hague or Brussels).

Unemployment, sickness or incapacity for work when abroad

If you work abroad and lose your job, get sick or are unable to work, check whether you are insured and whether you can receive a benefit outside the Netherlands.

Information regarding the application for a LTVP unmarried partner

For the application of a Long Term Visit Pass (LTVP) the ICA requires a declaration of a common-law relationship, or a declaration of marital status.

The term "common-law relationship" is often associated with a civil partnership, but one can only speak of a common-law relationship if it is a legally recognized and regulated form of cohabitation between two people. Marriage and civil partnership are legally recognized in the Netherlands and are controlled forms of cohabitation between two people, a cohabitation agreement unfortunately is not. The law has no special rules for the form and content of a cohabitation agreement.

Therefore the Embassy can only confirm your relationship in a declaration of marital status when proof of a registered partnership or marriage can be provided. Unfortunately we can not provide a declaration of marital status for couples who have a civil partnership or were living together in the Netherlands.