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Do I need a visa when transiting through an airport in the Netherlands?

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If you are making a brief stop or changing planes at an airport in the Netherlands, check whether you need a visa. This will depend on your nationality and destination.

Visa required?

You are considered to be in transit at a Dutch airport if:

  • you change planes on the way to your next destination without leaving the international transit zone. This means you do not go through passport control;
  • your plane makes a brief stop and you stay on the plane or wait in the international transit zone until your plane leaves for your next destination. 

If any of these situations applies to you, you may need an airport transit visa. This will depend on your nationality and destination. Answer a few questions to find out what applies to you. Answer ‘airport transit in the Netherlands’ to the first question.

Not in transit?

If you are not in transit, for example because you have to collect your luggage and check it in for your next flight, check whether you need a Schengen visa. Answer ‘90 days or less’ to the first question.

Check whether you need a Schengen visa

No visa required?

You still need other documents to travel to the Netherlands.

Check what documents you need to travel to the Netherlands


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