Orange Carpet Visa Facility

Do you or your staff travel regularly to the Netherlands for business? And do you need a Schengen visa? Ask the Netherlands embassy or consulate-general in your country if you are eligible for the Orange Carpet Visa Facility. This makes it easier for business travellers to get a visa.

Can I use the Orange Carpet Visa Facility?

The Orange Carpet Visa Facility is mainly for staff of companies with current or future economic interests in the Netherlands. But the same conditions and benefits can also apply to other types of organisations (cultural, scientific, government) and individual travellers.

Whether or not you can use the Orange Carpet Visa Facility depends on which country your business is based in. The Netherlands embassy or consulate-general can tell you more about this.

The conditions for an Orange Carpet procedure also vary from country to country. You will need to show why you travel frequently for your work. The embassy or consulate-general decides whether you meet the local conditions.

Check below to see if additional information is available for your country.

What are the benefits of the Orange Carpet Visa Facility?

The benefits of the Orange Carpet Visa Facility vary from country to country. Here are some examples of the possible benefits:

  • You will not need to show as many documents to get a visa.
  • Your visa application will be treated with priority.
  • You only have to apply for a visa in person once every 5 years if your biometric data (fingerprints and photo) are still in our system.

In some countries, you do not have to make an appointment to hand in your application. Or you can go to a VIP counter.

How do I collect the visa?

The first time you apply for a visa you must go to the embassy, consulate-general or, if relevant, the visa application office in person, so your fingerprints can be taken.

Visa through another embassy

You may need to go to the embassy of another Schengen country for a visa, for example because there is no Netherlands embassy or consulate-general in your country. You might still be eligible for an Orange Carpet visa. But there could be fewer services available.

Additional information for specific countries

For more information about the Orange Carpet Visa Facility in certain countries, click on the country below.

Attention: If your country isn’t mentioned below, this means your country currently doesn’t have an Orange Carpet Visa Facility.

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