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Applying for a long-stay visa (MVV) for residents of Vietnam

As of 2 June 2020 you can apply for certain categories of MVV at the Netherlands embassy in Hanoi or at the consulate-general in Ho Chi Minh City:

  1. Persons with an expired MVV sticker who were not able to travel due to COVID-19
  2. If your MVV appointment was cancelled due to COVID-19: you can only apply if your MVV fits into a certain categorie.

To make an appointment and find out if you can apply, please send an email to:

Attention: You can only travel to the Netherlands if you are exempt from the EU entry ban. Please read the entry rules on

Do I need an MVV and/or a residence permit?

You should check whether you need an MVV and/or a residence permit. This depends on things like your nationality and the purpose of your stay.

Applying for a residence permit and an MVV

You can apply for a residence permit and an MVV in two ways:

  • through a host in the Netherlands (such as an employer, family member or educational institution)
  • in person at a Netherlands embassy or consulate-general.

If you have a host in the Netherlands, in most cases your host will have to submit the application to the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND).

First check whether you need to take the civic integration examination.

What is your situation?

Applying through a host in the Netherlands

Depending on the purpose of your stay, your host may have to submit the application in the Netherlands. This applies if the purpose of your stay is:

  • study
  • work
  • a work placement
  • co-habiting with or marrying someone who lives in the Netherlands
  • family reunification

In these cases your host will be an educational institution, your employer, a family member or your spouse or partner.

Applying yourself at an embassy or consulate

For the following purposes of stay you should submit your application for an MVV and residence permit yourself:

Attention: You will find the application form and all information about the required documents and the application procedure on the IND website.

Long-stay visa for residents of this country or region

Have a look at the photo requirements and select the correct visa application form.

Please note that all provided documents need to be in English or Dutch. Documents in Vietnamese need to be translated into English by the notary public office. 

MVV applications can be submitted at either the embassy in Hanoi or at the consulate-general in Ho Chi Minh City.

Make an appointment via the online appointment system.

Check the status of your MVV application.