Filing an income tax return if you have income from two countries

If you live outside the Netherlands and have income from both your country of residence and the Netherlands, which country you have to file an income tax return in will depend on your situation. You may have to file two tax returns but you will not pay tax twice on the same income.

The Netherlands makes agreements with other countries to determine which country can tax what income. The agreements are laid down in a tax treaty so that you do not pay double taxation. The Netherlands has concluded separate treaties with many countries.

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Have you paid double taxation?

If you have paid double taxation on your income even though the Netherlands has a tax treaty with your country of residence, you can start a mutual agreement procedure (information in Dutch). Your country of residence will then contact the Netherlands to find a solution.

Eligibility for Dutch tax benefits

If you live outside the Netherlands and pay tax in the Netherlands on all or almost all your income, you may be able to claim the same tax benefits as residents of the Netherlands.

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