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What to do if you are robbed while in a foreign country

If you are robbed, you should report the crime to the local police. The Dutch embassy or consulate can help you get an emergency travel document, and tell you how family and friends can transfer money to you.

What to do if you are robbed

Cancel your stolen debit and credit cards

Contact your bank and credit card company as soon as possible so they can cancel your debit and credit cards.

Report the theft to the police

Report the loss or theft of your belongings immediately to the local police. Ask for written proof that you have filed a police report. You will need this document to make an insurance claim.

Help if you need money

Embassies and consulates can act as a go-between if you find yourself in financial difficulty while you are in a foreign country. For example, if you are robbed or have to return to the Netherlands because of an emergency.

The embassy or consulate can tell you how to have money transferred from the Netherlands to the country you are visiting.

Limited assistance from embassies and consulates

Embassies and consulates only offer limited assistance if you find yourself in financial difficulty. The embassy cannot:

  • give or lend you money to pay for lawyers, hotels, medical costs or fines
  • pay for your return ticket to the Netherlands
  • investigate crimes

Costs of consular assistance

Consular assistance in a foreign country is not free. There are fixed fees for each consular service. For example, the fee for help with financial difficulties while in a foreign country is €50.

Passport or identity document stolen in a foreign country

If your passport or identity document has been stolen, you can apply for an emergency passport at the Dutch embassy or consulate in your region.