Passport or ID card for a minor in the United Kingdom: proxy consent via a court of law

When applying for a passport or ID card for a minor, all persons with parental responsibility must provide their consent. (Please note: in the case of ID cards, this rule only applies if the minor is younger than 12. ) If, in the event of joint parental responsibility, one party does not give their consent for a passport or ID card application to be submitted on behalf of the minor, proxy consent can be obtained via a court of law.

Proxy consent in the form of a residence order or parental responsibility order in favour of one of the parents with responsibility is insufficient, as these do not terminate the other parent’s responsibility. The court of law must give permission for a Dutch passport or ID card to be issued in place of the parent with responsibility who is unable or unwilling to give permission themselves.

If the minor child lives in the United Kingdom, please contact a lawyer or contact your local Citizens Advice Bureau for information on applying for proxy consent.