Mailing instructions for applications submitted in the United States

When filing a passport or visa application, applicants in the United States have the option of submitting a self-addressed, prepaid envelope at the time of application. This envelope will be used to mail the passport back from the Consulate to the applicant, after the Consular Service Organization (CSO) in The Hague has processed the application.

If no shipping label is submitted, the passport needs to be picked up at the Consulate where the application was submitted. 

Carriers and shipping services accepted

  • USPS: prepaid Priority Mail flat rate envelope with tracking 
  • UPS: all services 
  • DHL: all services 
  • FedEx: only if you have an existing account (Express service only accepted)

Calculate Shipping Costs 

To calculate shipping costs only, use the address of the Consulate where the application will be filed. Shipping labels marked COD (cash on delivery) will not be accepted.

Sender and recipient address

Enter the applicant’s first and last name, complete home or work address, and phone number as the sender and receiver. Shipping labels with the Consulate address as sender will not be accepted.

Additional instructions

To request shipping, the shipping label must be submitted at the time of application. The applicant is required to keep an extra copy of the shipping label with the application. Our office will not keep a record of this label. For each application, a separate shipping label is required.


The Consulate is not responsible for any loss or damages of a passport once it has been mailed with the shipping method provided by the applicant.