Mailing instructions for applications submitted in Canada

These instructions outline how you receive your new passport or other document once it has been finalized by a consular section at one of the Dutch missions in Canada.

Applying for products or services

Most products or services you apply for in person at the mission, with only a few online and mail-in exceptions.

Apply only in person at the embassy or a consulate-general

  • Passport
  • ID card
  • Schengen visa (Ottawa only)
  • MVV
  • Legalization of signature
  • Copy conform original
  • Certificate of life

Apply online, mail-in or in person

  • Certificate of Dutch nationality
  • Certificate of residence
  • Legalization of a document

Sending your document to the mission

You may send a request for 'legalization of a document', 'certificate of residence' or 'certificate of nationality' by mail to the Dutch mission. You can use standard or registered mail, or a courier of your choice.

Receive your document from the mission

How you receive your document once it has been finalized depends on what you applied for: 

  • Consular declaration: via standard mail service to the address (free, worldwide) you provided with your request. Or Canada Post Xpresspost.
  • Legalized document: via standard mail service to the address (free, worldwide) you provided with your request. Or Canada Post Xpresspost.
  • Passport (with visa, if applicable): will be shipped to you using the Canada Post Xpresspost envelope you provided with your application. You will receive a notification when this happens. Collection in person is also possible. See the pick-up times on the missions contact page.
  • ID card: you must collect in person.

Canada Post Xpresspost (within Canada)

  • To receive your new (travel) document,you must provide a self-addressed prepaid Canada Post Xpresspost envelope with your application/request.
  • Choose the appropriate type for your delivery: ‘Regional’ or ‘National’ (within Canada only). A standard (small) size envelope will fit 4 passports.
  • Optional: you can purchase a special ‘sticker’ at the post office and put it on your Xpresspost envelope: this will require (your) signature upon delivery. Please note: This sticker should not be used when sending your application to the consular office.
  • Canada Post outlets are conveniently located near the embassy and consulates.

United States of America and other international destinations

We will accept a prepaid airway-bill label from DHL, FedEx or UPS for the United States or other international destinations.


The embassy and consulates-general are not responsible for loss of or damage to a (travel) document once it has been shipped in the envelope and address you provided.