Having Dutch passport photos taken in Ethiopia

If you are in Ethiopia and need passport photos that meet the requirements for a Dutch passport, you have 2 options.

1. Go to a photographer who is familiar with the Dutch requirements

The following photographers are familiar with the Dutch requirements for passport photos:

Photo Zoom Digital Studio

Sare Bate
Adams Pavilion Building,  Addis Ababa
Phone number: +25-1-911794747

Express Photo Studio and Print

Tsehay Bank Building, 1st floor, Torhayloch, Addis Abeba (right before the first traffic light coming from the Dutch embassy)
Phone numbers: 0911115824 and 0911249578

2. Take the photo matrix to another photographer

If you go to another photographer, take the photo matrix with you. The photo matrix explains the Dutch requirements for passport photos. Download and print the PDF ‘photo matrix model 2020’ in Dutch, English, French or Spanish.