Open data

The information provided by NetherlandsWorldwide is public. Open data is information that anyone may use and distribute. Developers can use open data to develop an app, for example, or to put information on their own website.

Request travel advisories

The travel advisories at help travellers prepare for potential safety and security risks during a stay abroad.

  1. You can request a set of 25 travel advisories via:
  2. You can use specific parameters to refine your search results. See Open data filteren (in Dutch) at
  3. Search in the list for the travel advisory you require. The ‘dataurl’ field in the travel advisory in question contains the full path. Use this to view the content of the advisory.


This is how to find travel advice for Spain:

Fields in each travel advisory

The following travel advisory fields may appear in responses and can be used in requests:

  • id *
  • type *
  • canonical *
  • dataurl *
  • title *
  • location
  • classification **
  • modifications
  • content
  • authorities
  • creators
  • lastmodified *
  • issued
  • available
  • license
  • rightsholders
  • language
  • subject
  • themes

(*) If you request a list of travel advisories, the response will only contain these fields. If you request an advisory for a specific country, the response will contain all fields.
(**) Support for this field was discontinued on 16 June 2014.

Request the addresses of embassies and consulates

You can find open data for the addresses of Dutch embassies and consulates via:

Help in requesting emergency information

You can find open data on what to do in an emergency abroad via: