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Interpreters and translators in Brazil

The following list of interpreters and translators has been compiled by the Netherlands consulate-general in São Paulo for the benefit of Dutch citizens who need an interpreter or a translator.

In Brazil

Fred J. Mica

P.O. Box 5336
80040-981 Curitiba – PR
Tel: (41) 3663 6255

H.L.M. Janssen

Conj. Universitário 3 QBC 22
69915-300 Rio Branco – AC
Tel: (68) 9951 1864

Therezinha T.m. Hulshof van der Geest

P.O. Box 60
13825-000 Holambra – SP
Tel: (19) 3802 1551
Fax: (19) 3802 1892
Mob: (19) 99743 3507
Email: /

In the Netherlands

You can find an interpreter or translator in the Netherlands via the website of the Raad voor Rechtsbijstand, Bureau Wbtv.


The Netherlands consulate-general in São Paulo bears no legal liability for the chosen interpreter or translator and cannot be held responsible for financial loss or damages resulting from the use of anyone mentioned on this list.