How can I exchange my Dutch driving licence in Greece?

If you live in Greece and your Dutch driving licence has expired (or has almost expired), you cannot renew it. Your only option is to exchange your Dutch licence for a Greek one.

Exchanging your driving licence

You can exchange your Dutch driving licence for a Greek one at the Greek Ministry of Transport (information in Greek) or via the Kentro Experetisi Politon (KEP, the Citizen Service Centre, information in Greek). This must be done according to the European rules. You can only have 1 European driving licence. You don’t need to retake your driving test.

Attention: Your Greek driving licence may be valid for longer or shorter than your Dutch driving licence.

Exchanged driving licence?

If your original driving licence was issued by a country that is not part of the European Union (EU) and you then exchanged it for a Dutch driving licence, you may not always be able to exchange your Dutch driving licence in another EU country. The Greek Ministry of Transport can tell you whether you can exchange your Dutch driving licence for a Greek licence in this case. If this is not possible, you will need to take your driving test again.

Lost your driving licence?

Have you lost your driving licence? Then you will need a certificate of authenticity (echtheidsverklaring) from the Netherlands Vehicle Authority (RDW) (information in Dutch) if you wish to apply for a Greek driving licence. The certificate shows whether your driving licence is listed in the Central Driving Licences Register. Visit the website of the RDW for information on how to apply for a certificate of authenticity. There is a fee for this service. Once you have paid you will receive the certificate of authenticity by post at your address. The certificate is in English. You will need to have it translated into Greek by a sworn translator. You do not need to have the translation legalised.

Find a sworn translator (Legal Aid Council).


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