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I want to know whether my partner, relative or friend is still alive abroad

If you are unexpectedly unable to contact your partner, relative or friend abroad, and you think they might have died, depending on your situation Netherlands Worldwide can advise you or make enquiries for you. 

Have the details ready when you call

You can reach the Netherlands Worldwide contact centre 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on +31 247 247 247. If you would rather contact us in a different way, see our contact page.  

Before you call make sure you have as many details as possible about your partner, relative or friend. The contact centre agent may, for example, ask you to provide the following information:

  • name and address
  • the most recent place of residence abroad
  • any travel plans
  • passport number
  • names and addresses of contacts abroad (family, friends, employer, colleagues)
  • names and contact details of any travelling companions
  • travel insurance details
  • details of plane tickets, money, credit cards, transport, medicines.

The embassy or consulate can make enquiries

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs cannot trace people itself. However, depending on the situation the contact centre may be able to forward your question to the Dutch embassy or consulate in the country in question. The embassy or consulate will then contact the local authorities, such as the municipality or the police.

If you receive information from anyone else about the situation of your partner, relative or friend, let the ministry know immediately.

If the person’s death is confirmed

If it emerges that your partner, relative or friend has died in a foreign country, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will contact you. You can ask the ministry or Dutch embassy or consulate to help you, for example if you want the body of the deceased person returned to the Netherlands (repatriation). Or if you need to request a death certificate abroad.

Reporting a missing person

If it is not clear whether your partner, relative or friend has died, you can report them as missing. If you are abroad yourself, report the missing person to the local police. In the Netherlands you can report the missing person to the police in your own municipality.

Read more about missing persons abroad


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