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What to do in a crisis situation

You’re travelling abroad and you find yourself in a crisis situation – an earthquake, an extreme weather event, political unrest or a terrorist attack, for instance. Find out here what can you do and what the Dutch government can do for you.

What you can do 

In a crisis, there are several important things you can do for your own safety and for the safety of the people you are travelling with. 

What the Dutch government can do for you

We keep you informed

The Dutch government is there to help you when you are abroad. We adapt the travel advice if the situation in a country changes. The embassy also sends advice and updates on the situation by SMS text message and email to Dutch nationals in that country or region.

Let us know that you are in the country of area. You can register through the BZ Information Service.

Urgent assistance 

Find out what the embassy can do for you in the event of a personal emergency – if you are admitted to hospital or arrested in a foreign country, for example.

If you need help, you can reach us 24/7 on the phone number of your local embassy or consulate-general

If you are in the Netherlands and a close friend or family member (a Dutch national) needs help abroad, contact the Netherlands Worldwide contact centre

In a crisis situation, the embassy or ministry cannot always help you – for example if a disaster area is inaccessible, or if the situation is too dangerous. 

Evacuation from a crisis area

In principle, the Dutch government does not evacuate Dutch nationals from crisis areas as long as they can organise their departure themselves. Arrange your departure with a commercial airline or other transport operator. 

If you are advised to leave the country or region immediately or to think very carefully before deciding to stay, do not wait till the last minute. Follow the advice. It isn’t always possible for the Dutch government to help evacuate Dutch nationals who have decided to stay. Do not run unnecessary risks. 

If you can no longer leave, find a safe place to shelter and make sure you have an emergency kit with you. You will find information on how to keep yourself safe in a crisis situation under the heading ‘What you can do’.