I am in Afghanistan and I want to leave the country. What can I do?

There is currently no Dutch embassy in Afghanistan, which makes it difficult for the Dutch government to provide assistance on site. The Netherlands continues to make active efforts to bring eligible people from Afghanistan, including by way of neighbouring countries, to the Netherlands. It is not possible to register for this.

Are you a Dutch citizen or do you have a Dutch residence permit?

No new repatriation requests will be processed. In case of an (other) emergency, Dutch citizens can appeal for regular consular assistance.

Are you an Afghan interpreter?

Can you provide evidence that you have previously worked for the Netherlands as an Afghan interpreter in the context of an international military or police mission? Then you may submit an application for inclusion in the special immigration procedure for interpreters.

Do you want to apply for asylum?

The government of the Netherlands does not accept, register and/or process applications for asylum in the Netherlands that are submitted from abroad. Depending on your situation, UNHCR may be able to assist you. You can find more information online on the website of UNHCR.

Frequently Asked Questions about Afghanistan

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