Consular fees in Pakistan

Find out how much you need to pay for consular services, such as issuing passports, identity cards and consular declarations, on the list of fees.

You can also pay in local currency (PKR); however, it is subject to daily conversion rate of EUR to PKR.

Fees as of 1 February 2020

Passport and identity card EUR local currency
Passport adult 139,70 N/A
Passport minor 121,85 N/A
Business passport 139,70 N/A
Identity card adult 126,20 N/A
Identity card minor 98,60 N/A
Emergency document 49,80 N/A
Laissez-passer for a corpse 60,00 N/A
Obtaining Dutch nationality EUR local currency
Option procedure: single 191,00 N/A
Option procedure: plural 326,00 N/A
Option procedure: additional fee for a minor 21,00 N/A
Naturalisation: single, standard 901,00 N/A
Naturalisation: plural, standard 1.150,00 N/A
Naturalisation: single, lowered 670,00 N/A
Naturalisation: plural, lowered 920,00 N/A
Naturalisation: additional fee for a minor 133,00 N/A
Civic integration exam (for naturalisation) 350,00 N/A
Consular documents EUR local currency
Consular statements 30,00 N/A
Statement true copy of original or a true duplicate 26,25 N/A