Consular fees in Norway

Find out how much you need to pay for consular services, such as issuing passports, identity cards and consular declarations, on the list of fees.

Because of fluctuations in the exchange rate, our consular fees are only shown in euro's (EUR). At the Netherlands embassy in Oslo you are requested however to pay by bank card or credit card in Norwegian crowns (NOK). 

Fees as of 1 Januari 2020

Passport and identity card EUR
Passport adult (18 and over) 139,70
Passport minor 121,85
Business passport 139,70
Identity card adult (18 and over) 126,20
Identity card minor   98,60
Laissez-passer or emergency document     49,80
Obtaining Dutch nationality EUR
Option procedure: single     191,00
Option procedure: joint     326,00
Option procedure: additional fee for a minor       21,00
Naturalisation: single, standard     901,00
Naturalisation: joint, standard  1.150,00
Naturalisation: single, lowered     670,00
Naturalisation: joint, lowered     920,00
Naturalisation: additional fee for a minor     133,00
Consular documents EUR
Consular statements 30,00
Certified copy            26,25
Legalisations EUR
Legalisation signature Dutch national   26,25
Legalisation document   26,25
Assitance in requesting documents 103,00
Assistance in requesting and legalising/affixing an appostille on a document 131,00
Other EUR
Registered sending of document within Norway   17,00
Registered sending of document to Iceland or Sweden   22,50