Closing days 2021 embassy in Iran

The Netherlands embassy in Teheran is closed on Friday and Saturday (weekend in Iran) and on the following days:

Closing days 2021
Day Date Occasion
Sunday 21 March Norouz 1st Day
Monday 22 March Norouz 2nd Day
Tuesday 23 March Norouz 3rd Day
Sunday 4 April Easter Sunday
Monday 5 April Easter Monday
Thursday 13 May Ascension Day
Saturday 15 May Eid Fitr
Sunday 23 May Whit Sunday
Monday 24 May Whit Monday
Wednesday 21 July Eid Ghorban
Thursday 29 July Eid Ghadir
Tuesday 28 September Arbaeen
Sunday 24 October Birthday of Prophet Mohammed
Sunday 26 December Boxing Day