About us

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Who are we and what do we do

With a dedicated team, we represent the interests of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and Dutch citizens in India, Nepal, and Bhutan. We are based in India in the capital New Delhi, and in Mumbai and Bangalore. Our Honorary Consuls represent the interests of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and its citizens in Lucknow , Kolkata, and Chennai, in Nepal in Kathmandu, and in Bhutan in Thimphu. We also have Netherlands Business Support Offices (NBSOs) in Ahmedabad and Hyderabad.

The honorary consuls in Kathmandu (Nepal) and Thimphu (Bhutan) are also part of our Dutch network in India. You have to contact our consular department in New Delhi for consular questions and requests such as visa applications.

Please also see the overview of departments at the embassy in New Delhi with staff contact information.

Furthermore, there are NBSOs in Ahmedabad and Hyderabad. NBSOs are trade offices of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency. Therefore, it is not possible to apply here for travel documents, visa or other official documents. You can read more about the work of NBSOs here. 

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Our efforts

The Netherlands network in India has several tasks. First of all, we offer consular help to Dutch citizens in India. Moreover, we maintain the contact and the relationship with the Indian government. Furthermore, we promote trade and private partnerships between both countries. We are also commited to the promotion of human rights and sustainable growth.

We support and promote Dutch expertise and technology in our core sectors, for example in agriculture, water management, and sustainability.

All of this is used in order to advance the visibility of the Netherlands, Dutch citizens, and Dutch companies in India.


India's economic weight is sizable. Being an upcoming economy, the country invests in research and innovation. Therefore, this huge market offers opportunities for economic collaboration. On a multilateral level, the Netherlands and India cooperate through international organizations such as the G20 and WTO. Furthermore, as the ease of doing business in India has improved greatly, more chances for Dutch businesses have occurred, especially in the areas of energy, water, agri & food, and logistics. You can read more about doing business in India here.

Our economic focus themes in India


The Netherlands and India cooperate in several international settings, such as in the United Nations. Collaboration and alignment happen in the areas of security, defense, human rights, humanitarian aid and development aid.

Over the last years, the has been intensive cooperation in UN-peace missions, education, counteracting against violent extremism, and the promotion of women's rights and LGBTI rights globally.

Our political focus themes in India

Opportunities in India

It is of great importance to link historical connectedness with potential for the future. We look continuously for new forms of political, cultural, and economic partnerships and we promote sustainable Dutch-Indo trade. We represent the Dutch business sector and, where needed, individual Dutch companies. Lastly, we support Dutch citizens with consular matters and inform Dutch nationals in India about their rights and obligations.

Cooperation in all these areas creates new chances, increases our safety and prosperity, and benefits Dutch citizens - both in India as in the Netherlands.

You can read the experiences of some Dutch companies that have settled in India here.

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