Mailing instructions for applications submitted in Canada

A Passport / ID card, Schengen visa, MVV, legalization of signature, copy conform original and certificate of life you must apply for in person. A declaration of Dutch nationality is done entirely online.  A request for certificate of residence and a legalization of document you can apply for in person or send through the mail.

When your travel document/visa is finalized, your document will be shipped out using your Xpresspost envelope (see below) and you will receive a notification of this via email. 

Certificates and legalizations received by post will be sent out when processed without notification.  

Sending your certificate/legalization request through the mail to the embassy / consulate-general

You may send your certificate of residence  or legalization request to the Dutch representation by regular mail, or by Xpresspost envelope (do not affix the 'sticker' that requires a signature from the consular office). 

How do you receive your finished document?

Due to coronavirus restrictions it is currently not possible to collect document(s)  at the Dutch mission in person. The mission will ship the (travel) document to you (details below).

Receive your document by regular mail service

NB: this option is not available for passports / ID cards, as these are always shipped with tracking!

Consular declarations and legalized documents are shipped using regular mail service. If you prefer a trackable option, see below.

Receive your travel document/ID-card via Canada Post Xpresspost envelope

To receive your travel document/ID-card you must add a self-addressed prepaid Canada Post 'Xpresspost' envelope to your application. (We do not accept envelopes or labels from other couriers.)  

Be sure to choose the correct Canada Post Xpresspost envelope for your delivery:  ‘Regional’ or ‘National’ (within Canada); 'USA'; or 'International'.

Up to 4 passports will fit a Standard (small) Size envelope.

You can buy an “Xpresspost- International” envelope from Canada Post only over the counter. The other types of envelopes are also available online. If it is not possible for you to buy an “Xpresspost- International” envelope, you can contact (via mail) the embassy or consulate-general where you will apply or where you applied for a solution.

Additional information

  • You can purchase a special ‘sticker’ at the post office and put it on your Xpresspost envelope: this will require (your) signature upon delivery. (This sticker shoud not be used when sending your application to the consular office).
  • Canada Post outlets are located near the Embassy and Consulates.

Important: disclaimer

Mailing the documents directly to your (home) address is at your own risk. The Embassy/Consulate-General is not responsible for loss of or damage to a travel document/ID-card once it has been shipped in the envelope & address you provided.