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Ondernemen in Canada
Two Countries, One Spirit

Who we are and what we do

We are the network of missions in Canada. With a dedicated team of nearly forty staff members, we represent the interests of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and Dutch citizens in Canada. We are based in the capital Ottawa (Ontario) and in Toronto (Ontario) and Vancouver (British Columbia). There are also seven honorary consuls representing the Netherlands in the provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

Our work

The scope of our work is as broad and diverse as our bilateral interests. It’s not for nothing that, in 1939, the Netherlands was the fourth country to enter into diplomatic relations with Canada. History, close personal ties and shared norms and values have since contributed to our strong bilateral relations. We have forged close political, military, economic, cultural and social ties with Canada. We work closely together on many levels – bilaterally, in NATO, the United Nations and the OSCE and in the context of cooperation between the EU and Canada.


Canada has considerable economic influence. It is a member of the G7 and an energy superpower and has a huge wealth of natural resources. With the conclusion of the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA), trade between Canada and the Netherlands will increase. This free trade agreement presents a wealth of opportunities for the Dutch business community, in particular for companies in the energy, water, agri & food and logistics top sectors. Find out more about opportunities for Dutch businesses and entrepreneurs in Canada.

Canada economische thema's 2018
The economic themes of focus from our Dutch network in Canada


The Netherlands and Canada work together in various international organisations, including the United Nations, NATO, the OSCE and the OECD, and share the same views on many issues. They consult closely together on security and defence, human rights, humanitarian aid and development cooperation. In recent years, the two countries have worked closely together in UN peace operations, on counterterrorism and combating violent extremism, and in promoting women’s and LGBTI rights worldwide.

Two countries one spirit

Canadians and Liberation

In 2015 the Netherlands celebrated the 70th anniversary of its liberation from Nazi occupation. Between 1944 and 1945, Canada played a decisive role in liberating the Netherlands, paying a great price for our freedom. More than 7,600 Canadian soldiers sacrificed their lives. Ties between the House of Orange and Canada are also unique, originating in Canada’s hospitality towards Princess Juliana and her family during the Second World War. Princess Margriet was born in Ottawa in 1943.

Emigration to Canada

Emigration from the Netherlands to Canada in the 20th century was a key factor in our bilateral relations. More than 150,000 Dutch people emigrated to Canada between 1947 and 1970 and migration still contributes to the close ties between Canada and the Netherlands. There are currently more than a million people of Dutch origin living in Canada. The consular teams at our missions are always ready to provide ample services for the Dutch who made Canada their home. 

New opportunities

It is important to link past achievement and future potential. We are continually looking for new forms of economic cooperation, while promoting trade between Dutch and Canadian businesses. We represent the interests of the Dutch business community and, where necessary, of individual companies. Find out more about our economic network in Canada.

We also help Dutch people in consular matters. We inform both Dutch and Canadian nationals who are entitled to a pension of their rights and obligations. Cooperation in all these fields creates new opportunities, enhances our safety and wellbeing and ultimately benefits Dutch citizens in both the Netherlands and Canada.

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