Cookies uses cookies for anonymously measuring visitor behaviour on the website. Find out what information we record, which cookies we use and how long your browser stores them.

A cookie is a small text file containing information. If you visit a website, the website often places cookies on your computer, tablet or phone.

Why does use cookies? uses cookies for web statistics. This helps us understand how visitors use the website. This information is important in order to continue improving the website. For example by adding information or making the website easier to use.

No tracking cookies does not use tracking cookies. Tracking cookies follow users as they visit different websites. If a website uses tracking cookies, the visitor must give permission for this.

No permission required

No permission is needed for the cookies that we use because they do not infringe on visitors’ privacy.

Piwik PRO Analytics uses Piwik PRO Analytics for web statistics.

IP address

Piwik PRO stores part of users’ IP addresses.

As soon as a user lands on the website, Piwik PRO removes the last digit group (octet) of each IPv4 address and the last 4 sets of 4 characters (hextets) of each IPv6 address. This takes place in a temporary memory before we save the rest of the IP address in Piwik PRO. As a result, the data we store cannot be traced back to you, the website visitor.

Mopinion conducts anonymous user surveys using the Mopinion software program.

Data recorded records the following data when you visit the website:

  • date and time of the visit
  • webpages visited
  • files downloaded
  • links used to reach our website
  • links used within the website
  • links used to websites we refer to
  • search terms used in the search function on
  • browser used, such as Chrome, Edge, Firefox or Safari
  • brand and type of device, such as a desktop PC, Samsung Galaxy smartphone or Apple iPad
  • previous visits to

Which cookies

The list below shows the names of all the cookies uses, if your browser settings allow for this.

Click on the name of a cookie to see what information we measure with that cookie. And find out how long your browser stores the cookie.