Submitting a complaint

If you have contacted an embassy or consulate or the 24/7 BZ Contact Centre about a consular issue and feel you have been treated unfairly or that your query was dealt with incorrectly, you may submit a complaint.

Consular affairs include:

  • applications for visas, passports, identity cards and consular declarations
  • legalisation of documents
  • consular assistance for Dutch prisoners abroad or assistance in emergencies

When can I submit a complaint?

You can always submit a complaint. Examples include:

  • You feel you have had to wait too long for your application to be processed.
  • You have not received an answer to your question.
  • You have not received any information, or have received the wrong information.
  • Promises made have not been kept.
  • You feel you have been treated unfairly by a member of staff at the embassy, consulate or 24/7 BZ Contact Centre.

If you have a complaint about an external service provider, such as VFS Global or TLScontact, you can submit your complaint at:

How can I submit a complaint?

There are three ways you can submit a complaint:

By email
Send your email to

By letter
Address your letter to:
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Postbus 20061
2500 EB Den Haag

Using a complaints form (only available in Dutch)
Complete the form and send it by email to or by post to:
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Postbus 20061
2500 EB Den Haag

Include your email address and telephone number with your complaint so that we can keep you informed and contact you if we have any questions.

Who will handle my complaint?

The Consular Affairs and Visa Policy Department (DCV) handles complaints. In principle, complaints concerning a Dutch embassy or consulate will be dealt with by the embassy or consulate in question.

There is a formal procedure in place:

  • You will be sent confirmation of receipt.
  • Your complaint will be dealt with by someone who was not involved in the case to which your complaint relates.
  • You can ask to explain your complaint in person.
  • You should in principle receive a response within six weeks.

National Ombudsman

If you are unsatisfied with the way your complaint has been dealt with or with the outcome, you can lodge a complaint with the National Ombudsman.